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November 2002

Blind Guardian

22 November 2002
Friday, 12:42 PM

Okay, Tolkien by himself (or even filtered through the eyes of demigod Peter Jackson) generally bores me, but somehow the mythos of Middle Earth becomes completely tolerable when in the hands of a German power metal band. And so it was with great excitement that I ventured to New Jersey last night to see the triumphant Blind Guardian on the... more →

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Jim Wynorski’s Empire of Wonderful Shit

19 November 2002
Tuesday, 12:45 PM

It’s doubtful this will be of any interest to many people besides me, but since I can think of at least one regular visitor who shares my particular fascination with 1980s über-schlock B-horror, I’ll go ahead: I watched Chopping Mall for the first time in ages last night and noticed for the first time that it shared the director, composer,... more →

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Hatch Show Print

15 November 2002
Friday, 11:51 AM

Last night was an inspiring Ad Club lecture at York College given by Jim Sherraden, the disarmingly charismatic head of the notoriously lo-fi poster shop Hatch Show Print. They’ve been using not only the same technology to print posters for 100+ years, but also many of the same pieces of woodblock type, linoleum and woodcut illustrations and designs, and photolythographic... more →

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The Ring

01 November 2002
Friday, 9:12 PM

I really have to start trusting my instincts. Hell, even trusting the evidence of my senses would have sufficed in this case. But some friends of mine that aren’t imbeciles gave The Ring a thumbs-up, so I followed an apparently misguided inclination to think I might agree with them. Ninety minutes into the film, I wondered if its payoff would... more →

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This Day, Anything Goes

01 November 2002
Friday, 9:05 AM

Halloween was fun. The afternoon was begun with a matinee of P.T. Anderson’s pitch-perfect Punch-Drunk Love, and rounded out by a few hours of my traditional Halloween rock-a-thon, jumping around the house to an exclusively old-school Misfits soundtrack, careful not to expend too much of the energy that would be needed for the evening’s Andrew W.K. show at the Troc.... more →

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