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So What’s All This, Then?

About Rob


I am a graphic designer, artist, writer, speaker, and thinker living in Philadelphia, PA. I am a slave to rock and roll, an insatiable sweet tooth, and my BMX bicycle. I hope to some day destroy my complexion’s greatest enemy, the sun, the life-sustaining center of our solar system.

About the Site

I am interested in tradition and innovation in equal measure. This site’s design aims to unobtrusively adapt the typographic traditions of print media to the web. I’ve always loved the densely ornate editorial layouts from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and with this project, I challenged myself to achieve a comparable charm within the much more severe typographic limitations of the web, while acknowledging the different “rules” of designing for the screen.

Under the hood, it is coded for compliance with web standards, which is to say it is built according to W3C recommendations for accessibility by separating structure from style through the respective use of XHTML and CSS. This allows the site’s content to be accessible to a wide variety of devices. This is the first site I’ve built in this way. It won’t be the last.

This version of the site launched on 29 March 2005, and won a Web Standards Award the very next day. I was tickled pink. It has also been featured on numerous gallery sites such as CSS Vault, Stylegala, and Unmatched Style. is powered by Movable Type, hosted by Dreamhost, and is sponsored by the letter A and the number 6.

About the Typefaces

The “Rob Weychert” and “Ask the Monkey” nameplates are set in a combination of Progressive Text (uppercase) and Kaiserzeit Gotisch (lowercase), both of which were designed by Dieter Steffmann.

The main navigation and sidebar headers are set in Campaign, designed by Alan Meeks.


This site is indebted to Jason Santa Maria’s iChat availability and Shaun Inman’s JavaScript shamanism. These guys…they’re the guys.

Additionally, the value of such resources as Jeffrey Zeldman’s Designing with Web Standards and the self-paced XHTML/CSS courses available at Westciv cannot be overstated.

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