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  • 2008 Spooky Sock Monkeys: Kim Cornell’s annual crop of petrifying primates is already almost sold out!
  • Dear Lulu: A downloadable book of print samples you can use to test the capabilities of print-on-demand services. Such a great idea.
  • Beard Revue: My beard has been rated 9.5/10.
  • Camp Naked Terror 7: Photos from this year’s Summer Camp Slasher Birthday Bash.
  • Touring to Alaska on Vegetable Oil!: My friend Matt and his tour mate Kyle demonstrate how they the prep the environmentally-friendly fuel that’s taking them across North America.
  • We Bleed Design: The style is a bit trendy for my taste, but the site employs some very novel and intriguing transitions using a clever combination of JavaScript, CSS, and transparent PNGs.
  • Binary Marble Adding Machine: An amazingly simple wooden machine that performs calculations using marbles. Don’t miss the video demo!
  • Muxtape: Remarkably simple site that lets you make a mixtape online. Check out mine.
  • Penguin Classics Tumblr Theme: Beautifully rendered by Max Wheeler.
  • Hitchcock Classics: Vanity Fair puts contemporary stars in classic frames.

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