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January 2007


23 January 2007
Tuesday, 9:27 PM

please bear this in mind
while petting my supine cat:
he’s not for eating

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22 January 2007
Monday, 5:40 PM

our faces were red
when the stern censure came down
from the Navajos

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19 January 2007
Friday, 12:24 PM

his fond memories
of that untamed, yeasty minx
eclipsed the herpes

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18 January 2007
Thursday, 4:52 PM

armed with intellect
I’ll cudgel you with knowledge
or this table leg

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17 January 2007
Wednesday, 4:24 PM

I bought you a yacht
so what’s all this foofaraw
about back taxes?

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16 January 2007
Tuesday, 4:02 PM

imprecated by
a sullen Pat Robertson
Tina was unphased

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15 January 2007
Monday, 10:37 AM

his best dreams found him
swallowed up by the eddies
in a grand spittoon

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08 January 2007
Monday, 3:16 PM

in its final month
Dinah’s book club was sundered
by Ayn Rand herself

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05 January 2007
Friday, 5:12 PM

the interregnum
between their hall monitors
was uneventful

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04 January 2007
Thursday, 11:18 AM

oblivious to
Wimbledon’s punctilios
Steve wore body paint

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03 January 2007
Wednesday, 3:09 PM

as we lie longing
for a favonian breeze
the seagulls take aim

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02 January 2007
Tuesday, 3:09 PM

his exegesis
of Puff the Magic Dragon
earned him detention

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01 January 2007
Monday, 2:29 PM

some opponents of
my nascent “daycare service”
didn’t like my van

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