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March 2002

The History of Photoshop

31 March 2002
Sunday, 12:04 PM

For some reason, yesterday afternoon I decided I wanted to learn more about the history of Photoshop. After hunting around a bit, I found an interesting and detailed article on the subject, published in February 2000 by PEI Magazine. A PDF of the article can be found here, on the author’s site.... more →

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28 March 2002
Thursday, 12:33 AM

Thanks to everyone who has given me feedback so far via e-mail and message boards. There will be some minor changes made here and there in the coming weeks which will hopefully make the site a bit more easily and fluidly navigable. Feel free to continue the critique. Also thanks to Kelly from No Cost for Culture for linking me... more →

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In the Beginning

26 March 2002
Tuesday, 9:28 PM

Welcome, friends, colleagues, and strangers. This is the eighth redesign of this web site and the first to go live. That said, if it were ever possible for me to look at the site objectively, that skill must certainly have escaped me sometime around redesign number four, so I invite comments, suggestions, criticism, praise and disparagement. Any and all feedback... more →

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