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The Horror

04 October 2005
Tuesday, 11:01 PM

October has arrived once again, and as autumn’s chill makes its graceful entrance, a young man’s fancy turns to... the macabre. I’m something of a Halloween fanatic, which is a great comfort when the transition into fall would otherwise find me irritated by the loss of warm temperatures and extended daylight. So, with nature in its gorgeous death throes all around me, I fill my Octobers with all things horrific, and this year, even my site is getting in on the action.

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An Illustrated Retrospective

06 June 2005
Monday, 12:10 AM

Late in 2001, when CDNOW finally succumbed to the dot com crash and unemployment was imminent, I realized that a personal web site would be a necessity if I was to find another job. Self-promotion can be a tricky thing for any designer, especially a borderline-OCD perfectionist like myself. Personal deadlines tend to be meaningless if I feel my work is not up to snuff, and I am, without question, my own worst critic and client.

In those days, my design process was less than optimal, foregoing preliminary structural planning and sketches in favor of just diving right into layout on the computer. As a result, I had a habit of painting myself into corners, and abandoned comps began piling up fast and thick, poignantly emphasizing the irony that my lazy process actually caused me a lot more work.

What follow are some examples of what this site used to be, as well as what it might have been. I don’t do this without humility, even though some of the stuff I could have shown is considerably more cringe-worthy.

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Return of the Second Cousin of the Fly’s Nephew

29 March 2005
Tuesday, 2:28 PM

If you told me, in any tone approximating enthusiasm, that you had visited my site in the last year or so (for a reason other than the out-of-left-field hit, Virtual Stan), you would have been met with an incredulous look. This incredulity would have had nothing to do with false modesty or my tendency toward self-deprecation or my inability to... more »

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No, Seriously, Let’s Get This Show on the Road

11 January 2005
Tuesday, 5:44 AM

If there is one thing I can rarely be accused of, it is self-satisfaction. In this site’s three years of existence, I have fully mocked up no fewer than 18 designs for it, only three of which somehow found their way online. Ironically, the last of these was thrown together in less than an hour—a stripped-down, panicked replacement for an... more »

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More Stalling and Some Links

22 January 2004
Thursday, 12:00 AM

Over the last couple of months, this site has offered its visitors little respite from boredom. I’ll make no apologies for this, since the lack of updates results directly from my own boredom, which is itself respite from my heated, ongoing battle with the coding of the site’s long-overdue web standards-compliant redesign. There have, however, been a few recent occasions... more »

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I Am a Creative Person. Really.

10 September 2002
Tuesday, 11:48 AM

While I’m sure all (3) of my regular readers are enjoying my media critic pretensions, the About section does say something about the intentions of this site aimed at keeping people informed of what I’m up to creatively, so I think some relevant news is in order. Lately most of my time has been been spent working on version 2... more »

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The Summer Camp Slasher Birthday Bash

03 June 2002
Monday, 10:11 AM

The Summer Camp Slasher Birthday Bash at our house this weekend was a huge, bloody success, so thanks to everyone that made it fun. We will be putting up a little site soon with pictures and video from the party; I’ll post a URL when it’s up. Speaking of little sites, that micro-site with pictures and notes from my Ireland... more »

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28 March 2002
Thursday, 12:33 AM

Thanks to everyone who has given me feedback so far via e-mail and message boards. There will be some minor changes made here and there in the coming weeks which will hopefully make the site a bit more easily and fluidly navigable. Feel free to continue the critique. Also thanks to Kelly from No Cost for Culture for linking me... more »

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In the Beginning

26 March 2002
Tuesday, 9:28 PM

Welcome, friends, colleagues, and strangers. This is the eighth redesign of this web site and the first to go live. That said, if it were ever possible for me to look at the site objectively, that skill must certainly have escaped me sometime around redesign number four, so I invite comments, suggestions, criticism, praise and disparagement. Any and all feedback... more »

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