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June 2003

Checking In

23 June 2003
Monday, 1:55 PM

It has been pretty quiet around here this month, due mostly to a hectic schedule of family gatherings and moving preparations, among other things. It will be pretty quiet for a day or two more, as work is crazy busy and home is a mess of boxes. Here is the abridged version of the news in the meantime: I have... more →

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Simpsons Kwizzo

06 June 2003
Friday, 12:39 PM

Consider this: Simpsons Kwizzo. To a bunch of hardcore Simpsons trivia dorks, the prospect of just such a specialized Quizzo event was thrilling, and so last night my friends and I trekked across town to the Low Bar in South Philly, where Simpsons Kwizzo is held on Thursdays. The rules required our excessive numbers to split into two teams; after... more →

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The Birthday Party

02 June 2003
Monday, 2:55 PM

Saturday’s 2nd Annual Summer Camp Slasher Birthday Bash at Camp Naked Terror (in honor of my roommates’ and my June birthdays) was very much enjoyed by all present, or so I gathered from the abundance of debauched and bloody grins which surrounded me throughout the night. Crappy weather aside, it was every bit as successful as last year’s bash, due... more →

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