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April 2003

Doylestown Double Feature

28 April 2003
Monday, 12:59 PM

It was a beautiful day for a drive to Doylestown yesterday, where an “Independent Double Feature” screened at the County Theater, consisting of an odd pairing: the Brothers Quay short In Absentia and Chris Smith’s documentary Home Movie, accompanied by Jeff Krulik’s cult favorite Heavy Metal Parking Lot. In Absentia is typical Brothers Quay fare, which is not to say... more →

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If It’s Not Scottish, It’s Crap

25 April 2003
Friday, 11:00 AM

Last night was the sixth installment of R5’s “In the Sanctuary Concert Series,” featuring Essex Green, Aereogramme and The Delgados in the sanctuary of the First Unitarian Church (shows at the church are usually in the basement). Essex Green plays polished, country-tinged psychedelic pop. I’m told their music is the most authentic of the modern psych-pop revivalists, but having little... more →

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24 April 2003
Thursday, 11:06 AM

If you read Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None: Hollywood fed it through the Shyamalan and Craven machines and changed its name to Identity. Wait, that could be read as a compliment. Try this instead: If you saw Adaptation: Donald Kaufman’s script for The Three has been made into a movie. They changed the name to Identity. James Mangold... more →

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800 Swollen Lips

22 April 2003
Tuesday, 4:17 PM

Working for the company that produces the Philadelphia Film Festival allows me convenient access to VHS screeners of most of the festival’s many films. Last night I brought home Alex de la Iglesia’s very enjoyable 800 Bullets, a comic homage to the spaghetti western. Before we started the movie, a new reality series was beginning on Fox. It was hosted... more →

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Moving Pictures

21 April 2003
Monday, 1:43 PM

So a bunch of stuff happened in the last week. Puppetmania on Monday turned out to be the best of the animated shorts program at this year’s Philadelphia Film Festival, offering such gems as Jesse Rosensweet’s The Stone of Folly and Patrick Bouchard’s Brainwashers, both of which I missed at Ottawa last fall. On Friday night, the ultra-low budget kung-fu... more →

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2003 Philadelphia Film Festival, Part 2

13 April 2003
Sunday, 6:16 PM

More film fest stuff this weekend. I caught a little bit of the Lost Film Fest 8.0 on Friday, including 156 Rivington, a documentary about the legendary New York arts/activism space ABC No Rio, and a selection of short films and interesting copyright lecture by Carrie McLaren, curator of the infamous Illegal Art exhibition and editor of Stay Free magazine.... more →

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2003 Philadelphia Film Festival, Part 1

07 April 2003
Monday, 10:59 AM

Congratulations to my cousin Bill and his wife Tara, who, around 3:00 on Friday afternoon, gave birth to my tiny new second cousin Justin! I dove into the Philadelphia Film Festival this weekend, beginning on Saturday with Winged Migration, an amazing nature documentary about migratory birds. Six film crews spent four years following countless species of birds all over the... more →

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Twink du Jour

03 April 2003
Thursday, 10:38 PM

Today I completed my first ever full-page magazine advertisement for a gay pornographic DVD. High five!... more →

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Rock and Roll Madness

02 April 2003
Wednesday, 9:54 PM

Two shows, seven bands at the Church this week. Sentence fragments ahead. Sunday Dysrhythmia: My favorite Philadelphia band; missed the first half of their set. LickGoldenSky: Screamy hardcore not unlike other screamy hardcore. Hot Cross: shrieking metal/melodic hardcore hybrid, a la Drowningman. Burnt by the Sun: What Pantera might have sounded like if they ever got into Black Flag. Singer... more →

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