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May 2005

Revenge of the Sith

19 May 2005
Thursday, 6:43 AM

In light of the fact that—especially when it comes to Star Wars—opinions truly are like assholes, I’ll keep this relatively brief, but since my filmgoing has been shamefully infrequent so far this year, I thought I’d be remiss not to weigh in on what certainly must be, for better or worse, the cinematic event of the year.

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A Musical Baton

16 May 2005
Monday, 4:15 PM

A musical baton has been passed to me by Stan and Ethan. Who am I to refuse them?

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My Mother Is a Saint

08 May 2005
Sunday, 2:39 PM

The most physically injurious thing most mothers will have to withstand in the line of duty is the incredible act of childbirth itself. This has probably been the case for my mother, too. But don’t think I haven’t tried to top my delivery room entrance.

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6 for the Price of One

01 May 2005
Sunday, 1:27 PM

The 48 Hour Film Project was in Philadelphia the weekend of April 8–10, but due to a surplus of applicants, our team was not accepted this year. We decided to make a film anyway. Six films, actually.

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