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June 2005

The Creature from the Jersey Shore

19 June 2005
Sunday, 11:02 PM

In my formative years, my family would take an annual one-week vacation to Sea Isle City, NJ. This is, of course, not an uncommon summer custom for families near a coastline. Most people call it “going to the beach,” but when referring to any New Jersey shore point, such a trip must be called “going down the shore.”

“Are you going down the shore this weekend?”

“Oh, yes indeed, I am going down the shore.”

“All right then, I suppose I will see you down the shore.”


While we were down the shore, various relatives would come and go sporadically, and there was rarely an empty bed in the house. And so, on one fateful night when I had a bed all to myself, I was so overjoyed by my good fortune that I was caught completely off guard by a horrifying visit from a jet-black minion of Satan.

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An Illustrated Retrospective

06 June 2005
Monday, 12:10 AM

Late in 2001, when CDNOW finally succumbed to the dot com crash and unemployment was imminent, I realized that a personal web site would be a necessity if I was to find another job. Self-promotion can be a tricky thing for any designer, especially a borderline-OCD perfectionist like myself. Personal deadlines tend to be meaningless if I feel my work is not up to snuff, and I am, without question, my own worst critic and client.

In those days, my design process was less than optimal, foregoing preliminary structural planning and sketches in favor of just diving right into layout on the computer. As a result, I had a habit of painting myself into corners, and abandoned comps began piling up fast and thick, poignantly emphasizing the irony that my lazy process actually caused me a lot more work.

What follow are some examples of what this site used to be, as well as what it might have been. I don’t do this without humility, even though some of the stuff I could have shown is considerably more cringe-worthy.

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