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April 2002

The Cabinet of Jan Svankmajer

26 April 2002
Friday, 12:16 AM

Czech surrealist Jan Svankmajer’s fantastic Conspirators of Pleasure screened tonight at the International House. This is the first Svankmajer feature I’ve seen (though I’ve seen plenty of his shorts) and I’m pleased to report that it was well worth another 85 minutes in the theater’s notoriously uncomfortable seats. The International House’s Post-Communism Film Series (which this film was a part... more →

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Hello, Newman

22 April 2002
Monday, 12:07 PM

I hadn’t been to the Philadelphia Museum of Art in a year or so, so I went on Saturday. Primary points of interest were the massive Barnett Newman exhibition and Out of the Box: 20th Century Print Portfolios, including works by Man Ray, El Lissitzky, Andy Warhol and more. I was also happy to stumble upon a room I somehow... more →

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Melting at the ICA

18 April 2002
Thursday, 10:52 AM

Yesterday I escaped the unseasonable sweltering heat for a couple hours with a visit to the Philadelphia ICA. The Photogenic exhibition was especially slick, including a number of works that applied photographic principles to other media, such as relief sculpture. Shoot the Singer: Music on Video was slightly disappointing, but still well worth seeing. Particularly noteworthy was a video piece... more →

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2002 Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema

15 April 2002
Monday, 10:56 AM

Should I go see Trouble Every Day on Thursday or should I go see The Locust? I don’t think I’ll have another chance to see Trouble Every Day in theaters in Philly, whereas The Locust will likely be coming around again within a year. Hmm. Tonight is A Chronicle of Corpses, which I’ve been looking forward to seeing for awhile... more →

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Sometimes This Old Farm Feels Like a Long-Lost Friend

11 April 2002
Thursday, 3:27 PM

I survived the trip home, and apparently spring arrived while I was gone. The ice cream man is in full effect. Since I missed the first half of the Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema, I’m diving in tomorrow night with a late screening of the U.S. premeire of Versus. Looks delicious.... more →

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Marked for Death

10 April 2002
Wednesday, 3:28 AM

Detroit is interesting in a ghost town kind of way. About half of the city’s buildings are vacant. And aside from business hours, there is virtually no activity. Weird. None of this stops the place from having some sweet bookstores, though, and looking through those took up much of the day. I also got to check out a nifty arcade... more →

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Kick Out the Jams

09 April 2002
Tuesday, 12:13 PM

I’m in Detroit today. Last night I got a little driving tour and today we’re gonna do some book-shopping and sock monkey picture-taking and punk rock finger-pointing. Results later.... more →

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Dancing in Heaven

07 April 2002
Sunday, 4:06 PM

Last night was a fund-raising party at the Heaven Gallery in Wicker Park for the upcoming Version02 Festival (which I’m really sad I’m going to miss). Despite huge potential for overhipness, it was a genuinely great time, and I met a bunch of really nice people. I was also familiarized with the very slick SELECT zine. Thanks to Kelly and... more →

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The Ubiquitous Bearskinrug

06 April 2002
Saturday, 2:50 AM

My friend and Grand Theft Auto 3 provider Kevin Cornell is currently the featured artist on Media Inspiration, where his true southwestern yearnings are revealed. He also squared off against Karen Ingram this afternoon in a rousing match of Photoshop Tennis.... more →

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2002: A Chicago Odyssey

05 April 2002
Friday, 2:39 AM

My generous hosts and I got back a couple hours ago from seeing a gorgeous digitally remastered 70mm print of 2001: A Space Odyssey at the Music Box Theatre. Wow. This afternoon I paid my inaugural visit to the inside of The Art Institute of Chicago (I took some fabulous photos of my sock monkey around the exterior last spring).... more →

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03 April 2002
Wednesday, 9:27 PM

Today I drove seven hundred something miles to Chicago. If you didn’t know, Ohio and Indiana offer little in the way of intriguing scenery. But I did see a sign in Ohio for “Gore Orphanage Rd,” so now I’ve got another name to choose from when I start my metal band.... more →

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