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September 2005

The Inheritance

28 September 2005
Wednesday, 11:27 AM

Another year, another CAmm Slamm. Baltimore’s premiere weekend moviemaking competition took place this past weekend, and Stan, Sutter, and I took a drive down to the Old Line State to help our Philly vs. Baltimore nemesis RedstarKGB make it happen. Little did we know we would be making the most ridiculous movie of our careers...

Well, I guess it wasn’t that much of a shocker.

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Open Letter to South Central Philadelphia

17 September 2005
Saturday, 4:32 PM

I understand that a strong community is important to you, even if a busy schedule and certain cultural disparities have kept me from truly being a part of it. I fully support your desire to have a block party every single weekend of the summer, to take over the streets with charcoal grills and picnic tables, Motown and soul. If I get annoyed at the noise sometimes, I remind myself that you are celebrating the neighborhood, that your joyous spirit conquers the poverty and violence that surrounds us, even if only for a day at a time. So I hope it’s clear that I’m on your side before I make a humble request.

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Mint: A Stats Odyssey

03 September 2005
Saturday, 8:48 PM

I have owned a few web sites in my day, and like anyone who makes their work available to the public, I like to know the whos, how manys, from wheres, and so on, of the people checking out my stuff. Luckily for me and my fellow narcissistic publishers, there are plenty of stats packages out there that can inform us how many hits our sites have gotten, where our visitors are coming from, what browsers they use, and much more. Unluckily, most of those stats packages suffer from shortcomings that undermine their usefulness. Every one I tried either focused on one narrow statistic or presented me with more information than I knew what to do with.

I threw my arms to the sky in despair. Could no one offer me comprehensive site statistics in a stylish, customizable interface that struck the perfect balance between convolution and overt simplicity? One hundred miles away, somewhere in the seedy underbelly of Baltimore, my anguished cry was detected and filed away with its siblings, uttered by countless bereft souls of like minds. Having heard enough, Shaun Inman descended into his laboratory and initiated Project: Mint.

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