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August 2003

R.I.P Wesley Willis

23 August 2003
Saturday, 12:50 AM

A moment of silence for Wesley Willis, who died at the age of 40 around 9:00 Chicago time Thursday night, August 21st. Visit Alternative Tentacles for more information.... more →

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21 August 2003
Thursday, 9:02 AM

Why am I always the last to know about these things? I have just recently been made aware of Flügtag (“flying day”), a “sport” co-opted by Red Bull in which very silly people launch very silly homemade flying machines off a very high ramp into an unsuspecting body of water. Clearly, this is something I need to participate in; alas,... more →

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Hangin’ Ten on Camp Crystal Lake

20 August 2003
Wednesday, 9:40 AM

I have been very fortunate (except perhaps in the case of Thirteen) to have so many free movie opportunities lately. Yesterday’s was Step Into Liquid, the new surfing documentary from Dana Brown (son of Bruce Brown, director of the legendary The Endless Summer). Step Into Liquid doesn’t shatter any documentary filmmaking molds, nor should it be expected to. Its strength... more →

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19 August 2003
Tuesday, 12:23 AM

I learned so much tonight! Were you aware that adolescence is difficult, and that teenagers sometimes abuse drugs and alcohol? Apparently, they have also been known to act disrespectfully toward their well-meaning parents. Sometimes they even get involved in sexual activity! For more eye-opening details, see Thirteen.... more →

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Camp Naked Terror 2

17 August 2003
Sunday, 11:58 PM

The long-awaited Camp Naked Terror 2 web site is finally up, complete with pictures and video from the event for your viewing pleasure. See for yourself.... more →

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Battle Royale

14 August 2003
Thursday, 12:49 AM

Mine is now the supreme pleasure of having viewed the Japanese cult hit Battle Royale. The premise goes like this: In the not too distant future, the Japanese economy has fallen into decline. Unemployment has skyrocketed, and the subsequent rise of unruly, disobedient youth causes the government to concoct the Millennium Educational Reform Act, a.k.a. the BR Act (“Battle Royale... more →

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Omar, Cedrick, and Harvey

11 August 2003
Monday, 11:45 PM

Massive Attack and Mondays don’t mix. My eyelids weren’t giving gravity much of a fight this afternoon. Last week’s lucky sneak preview was American Splendor, and it was great. An adaptation of the underground comic of the same name, it is an unassumingly unusual film, whose fusion of documentary and dramatization (both factual and fictional) is only occasionally seamless, but... more →

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