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September 2003


21 September 2003
Sunday, 11:38 PM

I pedaled to the Khyber last night to see Stars, my second blind date in as many nights with a Canadian pop band. Once again, the decision was a good one. Live, Stars could be described as an atmospheric Britpop outfit; on record, it’s more of an electro-twee-pop affair, without the detached cynicism. The band does both equally well. You... more →

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Broken Social Scene

20 September 2003
Saturday, 1:31 AM

I hadn’t heard Broken Social Scene before tonight. Having recently been informed that the band is comprised, in part, of Do Make Say Think and A Silver Mt. Zion members, the power of Canada compelled me to have my first listen in a live setting. This was such a good idea. As all three bands on the bill (including Jason... more →

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Bearskinrug, Rock Shows Can’t Bring Back the Man in Black

14 September 2003
Sunday, 8:58 PM

Kevin Cornell recently launched Bearskinrug version 4; it is as delicious as might be expected. Lots of shows lately: The Raveonettes, Luna, Stinking Lizaveta, Mogwai, Andrew W.K. Some scattered moments: Meathead Group A on the TLA floor uses cell phones to call Meathead Group B in the balcony to alert Group B to being given the finger by Group A.... more →

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06 September 2003
Saturday, 3:35 PM

At exactly 5:33 PM yesterday, I joined a small horde of people in caps and shades at the Center City Borders bookstore for the first ever Philadelphia flash mob. It was over at 5:37.... more →

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Kutztown Arts News

05 September 2003
Friday, 9:49 AM

Some Kutztown arts news: The PIMA Group will be performing its improvisational “Paper, Rock, Scissors” tonight and tomorrow night at The Table in conjunction with the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. Josh Rickenbaugh has some new and affordable “Art Under $20” available from his “War Series” and “Manna Series” over at Knewseen. Support these creative people, won’t you?... more →

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2003 Chicago Adventure

03 September 2003
Wednesday, 1:37 AM

The summer technically ends on September 22 (as anyone eagerly anticipating the redesign of this site should note), but most people pack up their lawn sprinklers and sun dresses after Labor Day, moribundly lumping the whole of September into the Autumn category. Apparently Mother Nature’s embitterment toward this trend compelled her to adjust the calendar herself; it was 65° and... more →

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