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October 2002

Lethargy Month

28 October 2002
Monday, 10:55 AM

Happy Birthday, Dad! Lethargy month is drawing to a close. I’ve been out and about for the usual films and rock shows, but the time spent at home has been occupied with less will to be creative than to stare at the walls and play countless hours of TimeSplitters 2, which might be time better spent if the game wasn’t... more →

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I Could Live in Ottawa

12 October 2002
Saturday, 12:16 PM

I’ve been back from Ottawa for nearly a week now and the annoying cold I contracted while I was there is on its last leg, so I am finally getting around to reporting on the festival. This was the third bi-annual Ottawa International Animation Festival I have been to; I counted seeing 162 short films in just about three days... more →

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One-Hour NoiseRover

01 October 2002
Tuesday, 10:50 PM

I’ll be in Ontario for the next five days at the Ottawa International Animation Festival. Some brief scattered comments before I leave: One Hour Photo was a stale and boring waste of 95 minutes. I went to see it based on the strength of some decent reviews and the fact that it looked subtly creepy, and while I’ll concede that... more →

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