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June 2002

3 for Rocking

30 June 2002
Sunday, 12:51 PM

Great show last night at the Balcony. Thoughtstreams kicked off the show around 10:00. I’d heard of them before (mostly from them playing shows with Dysrhythmia), but this was the first time I’d seen them. Impressive. Very technical, jazzy avant-metal, kind of reminiscent of Cynic, but less focused. I have to appreciate the genre parody of such song titles as... more →

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Chapter Selection, Interactive Menus, Minifigs

20 June 2002
Thursday, 2:42 PM

Volumes 1 and 2 of the Lost Film Fest DVD compilations are now available. I’m not sure if they’ve actually been released yet, but they’re definitely available for pre-order. Included in the first volume is the LEGO Trilogy, directed by yours truly, which comprises my first three (and so far only three) animated LEGO films, the last of which was... more →

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Camp Naked Terror

18 June 2002
Tuesday, 2:30 PM

We finally got the pictures and video online from the Summer Camp Slasher Birthday Bash at Camp Naked Terror. The mini-DV wanted more light than we could give it, but the video doesn’t look too bad. Go check it out here.... more →

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The 5K

14 June 2002
Friday, 1:58 PM

This is a really neat idea: The 5K is a contest that challenges web designers to create a site with a combined filesize of no more than 5K. Oddly enough, it’s not the brainchild of Jakob Nielsen. I just wish I’d found out about it sooner, since the deadline for entries for this year’s contest is in two days…... more →

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New York, New York

10 June 2002
Monday, 6:13 PM

Just got back from a weekend in New York, primarily for two nights’ worth of sold out shows at North Six in Brooklyn. Saturday night was The Fucking Champs, Rye Coalition, and Drunk Horse, the denser of the two shows in terms of quality. The Fucking Champs were excellent as usual, Rye Coalition was significantly more entertaining than the last... more →

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Lost Film Festival 7.0

05 June 2002
Wednesday, 5:42 PM

There are still a couple days left to check out the Lost Film Festival 7.0 in West Philly; it is certain to satisfy any uber-DIY anarchist film cravings you may have been having. I’ll be there tomorrow and Friday.... more →

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Mike Tyson’s KnockOut

05 June 2002
Wednesday, 1:55 PM

Happy Birthday, Mom! Today I am learning how to use Corel KnockOut 1.5 (the new version is procreate KnockOut 2). It is my new favorite thing.... more →

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The Summer Camp Slasher Birthday Bash

03 June 2002
Monday, 10:11 AM

The Summer Camp Slasher Birthday Bash at our house this weekend was a huge, bloody success, so thanks to everyone that made it fun. We will be putting up a little site soon with pictures and video from the party; I’ll post a URL when it’s up. Speaking of little sites, that micro-site with pictures and notes from my Ireland... more →

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