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July 2002


28 July 2002
Sunday, 1:14 PM

Mary and I were all set to go see Tuatara last night before we discovered that they cancelled the show in favor of a second stage opening slot for The Who. Rather than pay $35 to see them do a shorter set on an enormous stage from seven miles away, I was talked into renting The Mothman Prophecies, which turned... more →

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The Weekend in 14 Fragmented Sentences

22 July 2002
Monday, 12:25 AM

Friday night was a rewarding but ultimately forgettable show at the Troc with The Shins, Beachwood Sparks, and some horrible band whose name I didn’t bother to remember. (I should probably look into it so as to avoid accidentally seeing them play in the future.) Saturday night I went with some friends to see Road to Perdition. I gave Sam... more →

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The Motörhead Version

16 July 2002
Tuesday, 8:50 AM

You may or may not have noticed that I redesigned the site. Welcome to Version 2, lovingly dubbed “The Motorhead Version” by my friend Merritt. Version 1 has been permanently archived and will no longer be updated. As with that original version, I welcome any and all comments, suggestions, criticism, praise, and disparagement regarding content, functionality, and/or aesthetics. To... more →

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Elbow Room at the Khyber

10 July 2002
Wednesday, 1:20 AM

Ah, the Khyber. I hadn’t been there in awhile. Tonight’s crowd was just the size I like: the audience was large enough to make the bands feel loved, but small enough to allow me to breathe. Tonight’s highlight was Aereogramme (not coincidentally the band I went to see), a melancholy Glasgow rock band with loud/soft dynamics kind of similar to... more →

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Pots and Pans

01 July 2002
Monday, 4:37 PM

I was very pleased today to discover that the lineup on the new Skeleton Key album Obtainium is identical to their original lineup, with the apparent exception of the drummer. There was cause for alarm when I saw them in NYC last year with a new stripped-down lineup that did not include junk player Rick Lee or guitarist Chris Maxwell,... more →

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