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September 2002

Das Experiment

26 September 2002
Thursday, 1:16 PM

I caught a free sneak preview of Das Experiment last night. It stars Moritz Bleibtreu of Run Lola Run fame (it took some serious self-discipline to not yell out “Maaannniiiiii!!!!!” when he appeared on the screen) and the story deals with a bunch of ordinary German men involved in a psychological prison experiment in which half the men are designated... more →

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Genesis P-Patton

23 September 2002
Monday, 5:00 PM

Apparently a 2-disc Faith No More tribute album called Tribute of the Year: A Tribute to Faith No More was released in July. Considering the numerous superstar nü-metal wankers that cite Faith No More as a major influence, I would have expected this thing to be soiled by Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach, et al, but instead it’s soiled by a... more →

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Rock, Rock, ’til You Drop

21 September 2002
Saturday, 11:37 AM

There was much rocking this week. Saturday night was Andrew W.K. in Jersey, at this weird sprawling complex filled with teenagers called The Birch Hill Concert Hall. Not quite as much fun as the last A.W.K. show since it was so packed and I couldn’t be bothered to wade through the masses to get on the stage. Still a good... more →

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Wedding Bells

16 September 2002
Monday, 10:13 AM

Big congratulations to my good friends Kim and Kevin, who decided this weekend that they’re going to get married next year.... more →

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I Am a Creative Person. Really.

10 September 2002
Tuesday, 11:48 AM

While I’m sure all (3) of my regular readers are enjoying my media critic pretensions, the About section does say something about the intentions of this site aimed at keeping people informed of what I’m up to creatively, so I think some relevant news is in order. Lately most of my time has been been spent working on version 2... more →

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Turn on the Bright Lights

02 September 2002
Monday, 2:56 AM

Oh man, this Interpol Turn on the Bright Lights album is soooo good; I cannot stop listening to it. Spacey, melancholy, shoegazey rock with touches of goth and ’80s influences like Joy Division and The Cure. The singer sounds like the offspring of a secret marriage between Peter Murphy and Michael Gira from Swans. I’ve never been a huge fan... more →

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