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February 2003

Don’t Eat the Yellow Design

26 February 2003
Wednesday, 12:20 AM

The newest addition to the Projects section is entitled Snowfall; it’s a series of photos I took in the aftermath of last week’s blizzard. Also, I have been spending a lot of time on Designologue, which is one of the best graphic design community sites I’ve come across. As stated on the site’s homepage, “A designologue is a conversation between... more →

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Snow Code

17 February 2003
Monday, 11:01 AM

Man, it just figures that the snowiest winter in Philadelphia history is the winter that unemployment renders the glorious snow day meaningless for me. But I won’t be stopped from enjoying it, even if the snow has now piled up to the extent that our front door won’t open without significant force. Last night a bunch of us took to... more →

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14 February 2003
Friday, 6:21 PM

What to do? I’ve been cursing Clear Channel because their inflated ticket prices are keeping me from attending four anticipated shows in the next two months, including Mission of Burma ($22.50), The Roots ($27.50), Sigur Rós ($29.50), and Television ($25.00). But now I see that King Crimson is playing on March 7th, and tickets are a whopping $45.00. I’ve never... more →

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The Return of BREDSTIK, the Birth of Quadruped

06 February 2003
Thursday, 9:30 AM

Busy, busy week. We have updated the BREDSTIK site for the first time in almost a year, with Flash goodies and more from Pete Dalkner, Matt Sutter, and the mysterious Stet Villchicko. If that weren’t enough, the collaborative site I have been referring to cryptically for the last few months is finally live. Since we couldn’t agree on what the... more →

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