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6 for the Price of One

01 May 2005
Sunday, 1:27 PM

The 48 Hour Film Project was in Philadelphia the weekend of April 8–10, but due to a surplus of applicants, our team was not accepted this year. We decided to make a film anyway. Six films, actually.

Here’s how it happened: Six filmmakers each came up with a basic concept and the six concepts were thrown into a hat. We then each randomly drew a concept back out of the hat and developed it into a short (approximately one minute) film. All six films were shot with one crew over the course of two days, and were designed to segue into each other as one amorphous six-minute epic.

The final product is just as bewildering as we might have expected, if we had really bothered to think about it before doing it. Entitled 6, it opens with my contribution, which was inspired by the random concept I drew—“Musical Breakfast (Lasers Preferred)”—and a track from my friend Matt’s wicked power metal band Pharaoh. The subsequent thrill ride stumbles through a gnarled landscape of extreme close-ups, vampires, x-ray vision, sit-ups, and serial murder.

Do yourself a favor and make sure your fingernails are trimmed before you watch, lest you make your head bleed. Enjoy!

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1. Dan Mall says…  |  01 May 2005 / 1:52 PM

Hilarious! Pete with x-ray vision was the money shot for me. Actually, maybe it was Rob summoning lightning.

And I dig the end credits. Very stylish.

2. jordan says…  |  01 May 2005 / 5:46 PM

Where can I get a copy of that first song!? That was amazing!

The films were great... I like yours the best, I think. And... what did the x-ray dude see with the girl's face? It looked and sounded rather like a Jew's/jaw harp, but I'm not quite sure.

Congratulations on a job well done, y'all. :)

3. Rob Weychert says…  |  01 May 2005 / 8:54 PM

jordan, the song is called “Unum,” performed by the band Pharaoh. Their site lists a number of distributors that carry their records.

I’m glad you liked the film!

4. Yannick L. says…  |  02 May 2005 / 12:30 AM

That was pretty good. The song at the end and the credits were pretty cool. Keep up the good work!

5. bearskinrug says…  |  02 May 2005 / 6:19 PM

I thought that came together well! A good job to all!

I have to agree with jordan, I do like Musical Breakfast the best. There is no topping the lightning hands; I was exhilarated just watching! I don't know how you could have changed that channel, Wayne...

6. goodwitch says…  |  02 May 2005 / 6:21 PM

Rob, you never cease to entertain. Was that sock monkey in the background of the 6th short?

7. Rob Weychert says…  |  02 May 2005 / 6:51 PM

Good eye, goodwitch. That is, in fact, The Monkey making a cameo in the background of “Commercial for Tony Luke’s.”

8. Trey Piepmeier says…  |  04 May 2005 / 1:43 PM

Man, I about pissed myself when lightning shot out of your hands. Very funny!

9. Sebastian Schmieg says…  |  08 May 2005 / 12:30 PM

Unfortunately I had to watch it without sound but the film still made me laugh. The credits rock!

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