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The Horror

04 October 2005
Tuesday, 11:01 PM

October has arrived once again, and as autumn’s chill makes its graceful entrance, a young man’s fancy turns to... the macabre. I’m something of a Halloween fanatic, which is a great comfort when the transition into fall would otherwise find me irritated by the loss of warm temperatures and extended daylight. So, with nature in its gorgeous death throes all around me, I fill my Octobers with all things horrific, and this year, even my site is getting in on the action. Halloween Edition 2005 screenshot

In homage to cinema’s earliest horror classics, for this month only, looks how it might have appeared through the eyes of Max Schreck, if he had wanted to check his RSS feeds from the set of Nosferatu in 1922. (You may need to empty your browser’s cache and refresh the page to see the full effect.)

Some of my closest compatriots are spreading terror across the web as well. Stan’s (already noir-soaked) site has lost a good deal of blood, and InkFinger has been enslaved by some sort of hideous Cthulu bat, but the biggest news is that Kim Cornell’s Sock Monkey Drawer is now bursting at the seams with eight brand-new Spooky Sock Monkeys (my own sock monkey has even donned a costume in honor of the event). Go grab one before they’re all gone!

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Comments Closed (9)

1. Justin Ko says…  |  05 October 2005 / 1:02 AM

God I love this site, such symmetry and structure.

2. Jens Meiert says…  |  05 October 2005 / 7:43 AM

Actually... great show!

3. mary says…  |  05 October 2005 / 8:29 AM

I am most impressed that Monkey cared enough to get in on the action.

4. Ian says…  |  05 October 2005 / 1:56 PM

I'm a little worried about Rob, you guys. He hasn't been himself lately. 1) he's done something with his site and 2) he's saying that he misses the daylight.
I think he may have been body-snatched!

5. sutter says…  |  05 October 2005 / 2:37 PM

you even DIED for the occasion. now thats dedication

6. Rob Weychert says…  |  06 October 2005 / 10:51 AM

Justin and Jens: Thanks!

mary: I might have twisted his arm a bit.

Ian: I'm the same Rob I always was. I hate music and film, and I love football. Right?

sutter: Watch out for Bandy; he’ll get you next!

7. katherine says…  |  30 October 2005 / 8:13 PM

you are a wonderful writer rob. Why does everyone think you have changed though? Deeply sorry, I have never been on your website until today, and therefore don't have any background information on the events that have taken place here. I hop ehtat i can learn in time what they mean, until then, i will continue visiting this site becasue i find it very intertaining. Good job!

8. roxy says…  |  02 November 2005 / 9:54 AM

what about how i totally didn't see you at exhumed because i was recovering from my bike wreck and watching "doctor who"? what a bummer.

9. mestizos says…  |  22 November 2005 / 1:37 PM

Really excellent the subject, congratulations rob.

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